Monday, November 21, 2016

House Renovation Week 23: Trim & Doors

Work on the inside was really ramping up this past week. We now have doors and the trim started to get installed.

MONDAY & TUESDAY - I did not take any pictures. There was a lot of activity, more decking for the front stairs and the start of interior door frames.


The front steps and railing were completed on Wednesday, can not wait to walk up these steps everyday.

All the interior doors were delivered and started to be installed. Some of the window trim and window sills were also started.

THURSDAY -  no pictures.


By the end of the week, the side steps and railing were finished, much more trim finished and the light switches were installed. The last one meant that we now have power and lights! 


On Saturday, the driveway pavers were taken up and the ground was leveled off. We'll be fixing the driveway when spring rolls around.

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Monday, November 14, 2016

Avtion Toilet Paper Holder Review

"text-align: justify;"> Since we will most likely be moving back into our house in January. I was happy to receive a toilet paper holder from Avtion to review.

The over all construction of the holder is good. It's stainless steel which goes well with all our other fixtures in the bathrooms which are polished chrome. 

It came with a protective layer of plastic on the top to prevent it from being scratched in transit. When I removed the protective layer from top it came off pretty easily, until I got to two knobs that hold the two pieces together. This is where I came into a problem, is pretty much impossible to get all the protective layer off around these knobs. I even tried using tweezers with not much luck.

It did do a good job of holding the toilet paper, but I can not recommend this product until they fix there packaging problem. #hook

Sunday, November 13, 2016

House Renovation Week 22: Plaster Finished!

Moving right along, week 22 saw quite a few things happen. This past week the back decorative shingles were installed, the railing on the deck was installed, more work was done on the front entries and last but not least the plastering was finished. Now, we will start to see the inside come together. 

MONDAY - no pictures

TUESDAY - No pictures. But, I did meet with our contractor to talk about interior doors and molding.


The decorative shingles on the back of the house were finished by the end of Wednesday. This finishes off the rest of the exterior siding.

THURSDAY - No pictures. But, the plasterers started.


The railing on the back deck was installed this week as well. It was finally safe to take the kids up there and show them around. 


By the end of Saturday, the plastering finished. This was very exciting, we'll be painting soon.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

House Renovation Week 21: Drywall is up!

Big week this week, all the drywall in the house was installed. Now when we walk through the house, we can really envision each room. 


Happy Halloween

TUESDAY - No pictures.


On Wednesday, I finished the outside of our doors, by adding the top coat. Also, the decorative shingles started being installed on the front of the house.

THURSDAY - No pictures. But, the drywall installers started.


By the end of Friday, all of the decorative shingles were added to the front of the house. Next week the shingles will be added to the back of the house.


When we stopped by the house on Saturday, we got to see what the drywall installers were working on for the previous two days. They finished drywalling the entire house, we have real rooms now, no more exposed studs.

We also noticed that the dumpster was removed. We really are moving into the next phase of this construction project.

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Thursday, November 3, 2016

House Renovation Week 20: Drywall Delivered

I can not believe that week 20 has already come and passed. This week saw the drywall delivered, once this is installed it is really going to start looking like a real house, inside and out. We are starting to get very excited to have a finished project in a couple months.

MONDAY - No photos from Monday.


On Tuesday, I put the 1st coat of stain on our two front doors. This was so easy, ThermaTru doors have a stain kit that you buy and everything that you need to stain the doors is included in the kit, even the rags. The color that we chose is mahogany, we are really loving it.

WEDNESDAY - No photos from Wednesday.


Thursday saw lots of activity. Drywall was delivered!!! Lots more siding finished.

In the morning, my Dad and I demolished the downstairs bathroom. Originally we thought that we would keep some of the tile in the bathroom, but as things evolved we decided to just start from scratch. We finished just as the drywall was being delivered, perfect timing.


By the end of the week siding was completed on another side of the house. They also took the kitchen wall cabinets down so that it is easier to install the drywall.


On Sunday, I put the 2nd coat of stain on the doors. We also found a bird on the 3rd floor while we were showing my in-laws the house, my mother-in-law was able to shoo the bird out.

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