Thursday, October 27, 2016

House Renovation Week 19: Insulation

This week the framing inspection was passed and we saw the exterior wall insulation installed, one step closer to drywall. Things are starting to really get busy around here.

MONDAY & TUESDAY - No pictures, busy doing other non-house related things.


Siding on almost the whole 1st floor by the end of Wednesday.

Also the fire blocking was installed.

More heating vents installed this week as well.

THURSDAY - Busy again, this time with pricing out our additional kitchen cabinets.


Insulation installed, no more drafts for us.

By the end of the week the 1st floor siding was completed. More siding next week.

SATURDAY & SUNDAY - On Saturday, we did a little more pricing on the kitchen cabinets, making decision next week. On Sunday, I finished sanding the kitchen cabinets.

Stay tuned and check out previous weeks here:

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