Monday, October 10, 2016

House Renovation Week 17: HVAC

Not much to take pictures of this week. Our plumber had his rough inspection, the HVAC guy started his rough work and the electrician continued his work toward his rough inspection. 


On Monday the roofer was there and finished off the two roofs over the exterior doors and the back addition roof. 

TUESDAY - Nothing to take pictures of on Tuesday.


The contractor poured the slab for the AC unit next to the bulkhead. This was the day that the heating guy started working on our house as well.


HVAC had installed some of the vents for the upstairs heating in the ceiling.

FRIDAY- Again no pictures for this day either. I did meet with the electrician and HVAC guy to talk about where lights and vents were going to go.

WEEKEND - We continued to go shopping for vanities, cabinets and tile. Decided on the downstairs bathroom tile and the floor tile for the upstairs bathrooms. 

Stay tuned and check out previous weeks here:

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