Thursday, October 6, 2016

House Renovation Week 16: Front Doors

When we arrived back from Atlanta, we came back to a house with front doors. Our house is unique in that we have two front doors. Our house was built sideways, creating to accesses from the street with two paths. It was exciting to see these installed. Not much happened the rest of the week. We have begun to hit a lull in activity.


The small shelf next to the kids tub was framed.

The old kitchen counter-tops were removed.

The rest of the wall demo was completed, no more baby animals on the old kids room wall.

The slider that goes out to the deck was installed, love this! We now have access directly to our backyard.

Here are our two new front doors, they are fiberglass doors that will have a mahogany stain.

TUESDAY - First day with no one working on the house, because we are waiting on siding to be delivered. Hopefully, we will not have too many more of these. 

WEDNESDAY - nothing.

THURSDAY - My Dad and I took the opportunity to throw the rest of the junk from the basement into the dumpster. The plumber was also there to finish up a few things before the rough inspection.

FRIDAY - nothing much.

WEEKEND - My husband and I went shopping to price out lots of items for the house including the fridge, stove, cabinets, tile, sinks, etc..

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