Tuesday, October 18, 2016

House Renovation Week 18: We have Siding

After waiting for 4 weeks for our pre-painted siding to arrive, it finally did this week. Our house is really starting to look like a finished house. We have also been very busy deciding on kitchen cabinets, vanities, tile, etc... Here is what happened this past week.

MONDAY & TUESDAY - Nothing happened these two days. At least nothing to take photos of.


1st day with siding!!! This was so exciting to see go up!


More siding went up on Thursday.


Even more siding and the vent for the gas heating was installed.


On Saturday, I started the refinish our existing cabinets project. I cleaned and labeled all the parts and took off all the door and hardware with the help of my five year old. She thought it was great that she got to help.

Also on Saturday, Aaron almost finished the deck stairs. He ran out of decking with one step to go.


My Sunday project was sanding the cabinets. I almost finished the cabinets only one cabinet to go and all the doors.

Aaron attempted to install the deck railing, it turned out to be incredibly hard to cut. We decided to leave this to the professionals.

Things are starting to ramp up again, more exciting things to come.

Stay tuned and check out previous weeks here:

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