Thursday, September 29, 2016

House Renovation Weeks 14 & 15: Deck!

It's been a while since my last post. We've been busy around here with non house related events, such as my brother's wedding in Atlanta. Now that I'm back I thought I would update everyone on what has been going on at the house over the past couple of weeks.

Week 14


They installed the large and last window on the side of the house. This window bring in so much light into the dining room/kitchen.

TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY - Didn't get over to the house to take pictures, busy getting ready to go to the wedding.


Aaron and the Dads started work on our back deck. The side stairs also got demolished.


More work on the deck today.


They finished building the frame of the deck and installing the Azek decking on the main part of the deck. Also the contractor came on Saturday to dig the trench so that the electrician can put the wires underground.

Week 15

MONDAY & TUESDAY - Again busy getting ready for the wedding, no pictures these days.


The electrical was run to the house and the trench was filled back in. More trim work completed and the side porch was built. The last of the outside demo was completed by taking up the slate walkway.

THURSDAY & FRIDAY - We did stop by on Thursday before we left and our doors had been delivered, sorry no pictures. The rest of the week we were having fun traveling down to Atlanta for the wedding.

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