Saturday, September 5, 2015

Walter's Vacation to the White Mountains

Walter decided that he needed some rest and relaxation. So, why not take a vacation. He decided to tag along with the Bock family on their White Mountain vacation.

The Bock family was even nice enough to give him a free ride.

First up was a day at Storyland, where he got taken on a hair raising ride on the antique cars.

When he got back to the condo he was so wiped.

He decided to take in a view from the upstairs loft. 

He was not paying attention and fell off the balcony.

Luckly, he is a muppet so, no worse for wear.

The next day brought a trip to Santa's Village. Walter wanted to see if Santa's reindeer could fly and also shopped around for a rental igloo. (A little to cold for his taste.)

That afternoon he decided to relax on the deck overlooking the White Mountains.

Up to the top of Loon Mountain on the gondola, during the last day of his vacation.

They went on a hike and Walter got so exhausted he had to rest on a rock half way through.

Walter had a great time on his vacation to the White Mountains, now he is wondering where the Bock family will take him next.

(Thank you all for reading this, I've been wanting to do this with Walter ever since my brother bought him for my daughter a few Christmases ago.)