Sunday, November 13, 2016

House Renovation Week 22: Plaster Finished!

Moving right along, week 22 saw quite a few things happen. This past week the back decorative shingles were installed, the railing on the deck was installed, more work was done on the front entries and last but not least the plastering was finished. Now, we will start to see the inside come together. 

MONDAY - no pictures

TUESDAY - No pictures. But, I did meet with our contractor to talk about interior doors and molding.


The decorative shingles on the back of the house were finished by the end of Wednesday. This finishes off the rest of the exterior siding.

THURSDAY - No pictures. But, the plasterers started.


The railing on the back deck was installed this week as well. It was finally safe to take the kids up there and show them around. 


By the end of Saturday, the plastering finished. This was very exciting, we'll be painting soon.

Stay tuned and check out previous weeks here:

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