Monday, November 14, 2016

Avtion Toilet Paper Holder Review

"text-align: justify;"> Since we will most likely be moving back into our house in January. I was happy to receive a toilet paper holder from Avtion to review.

The over all construction of the holder is good. It's stainless steel which goes well with all our other fixtures in the bathrooms which are polished chrome. 

It came with a protective layer of plastic on the top to prevent it from being scratched in transit. When I removed the protective layer from top it came off pretty easily, until I got to two knobs that hold the two pieces together. This is where I came into a problem, is pretty much impossible to get all the protective layer off around these knobs. I even tried using tweezers with not much luck.

It did do a good job of holding the toilet paper, but I can not recommend this product until they fix there packaging problem. #hook

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