Wednesday, November 9, 2016

House Renovation Week 21: Drywall is up!

Big week this week, all the drywall in the house was installed. Now when we walk through the house, we can really envision each room. 


Happy Halloween

TUESDAY - No pictures.


On Wednesday, I finished the outside of our doors, by adding the top coat. Also, the decorative shingles started being installed on the front of the house.

THURSDAY - No pictures. But, the drywall installers started.


By the end of Friday, all of the decorative shingles were added to the front of the house. Next week the shingles will be added to the back of the house.


When we stopped by the house on Saturday, we got to see what the drywall installers were working on for the previous two days. They finished drywalling the entire house, we have real rooms now, no more exposed studs.

We also noticed that the dumpster was removed. We really are moving into the next phase of this construction project.

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