Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Luxury Grill Light by Clear Grill Review

We have had a few grill lights over the years and haven't really used them. I recently received a luxury grill light from ClearGrill to try and I have to say I could see myself using it for more than just the grill.

This light is compact and extremely easy to install. It has three different brightness setting that would light up a deck or patio if you needed them to, not just your grill.

One nice feature is that there are no knobs or switches, you just tap the power symbol with you hand to change the brightness and turn the light on and off. This is great when you might have messy hands because you could use your arm instead of your hand, no mess on the light.

The only thing that was a little tough for using on our grill specifically was getting the light to point in the right direction. Our grill has an oval style handle and so there was only one or two ways that the light would attach. But, I think that if you had a grill with a cylinder handle you would be able to point the light in any direction.

If you are interested in purchasing this light click on the amazon affiliate link below.

Disclaimer - I received this product free of charge in exchange for a honest review.

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