Tuesday, July 26, 2016

DIY Fairy Houses with 5 Year Olds

We've been so busy with the house renovation that I keep forgetting to post about the diy fairy houses that my daughter (who is five) and her friend (also five) made about a month ago. This project and things like this project have been all over Pinterest for a while now. Basically, you create fairy houses or villages for your backyard using recycled items, juice containers, bark, moss, bottle caps, etc...

My Mom had been gathering the supplies for this for a few weeks before the craft.

First thing that we learned is that we should have pre-cut and cleaned the cartons before having the girls start the craft. I think having to wait for us to cut them used up some of their attention for the craft.

The other things we learned were to have more items that covered a large space, make the houses smaller and have more items that they could peel and stick. Also, make sure that the two year old has something else to do, instead of dumping buttons into the grass. They did have fun creating these fairy houses.

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