Monday, July 18, 2016

House Renovation Week 5: Bulkhead

This week there was more prep done for the framing to start and the bulkhead was created. 

MONDAY & TUESDAY - I got busy and did not take any photos.


By Wednesday they had started stripping the shingles off the house and the rest of the old flooring was removed. My Mom and I also went over in the morning and pruned back all the large bushes and trees so that they could get the excavator out of the back yard easier.


The supplies for the bulkhead were delivered. 


They dug the hole for the bulkhead and dug the holes for the deck footings in the backyard. They also finished stripping most of the old shingles.


My Uncle who is a mason came to help my husband, my dad and a friend of my husband's, put in the bulkhead and start the drain for the sump pump in the basement. It was very hot and they worked very hard.


By the end of the weekend they had almost finished the bulkhead and finished jack hammering the trench around the entire basement for the sump pump. They were all very tired, but they got lots done.

Stay tuned for more and check out previous weeks below.

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