Sunday, July 31, 2016

House Renovation Week 7: Prep for Attic/Roof

This week the prep work was done to add the attic floor and roof. They also built the interior walls on the second floor. Before too long all the bones of our new house will be up.


Monday they were working on building the interior walls on the second floor and the supports for the attic floor on the exterior walls. No pictures from inside yet, because there is no stair case, just a ladder.


Tuesday saw more of the interior walls built and the attic floor joists installed. This was the day that my Dad convinced me to go up the ladder and take a picture of the interior of the second floor. I'm afraid of heights so, this was a little tough for me, I took one picture through the opening of one of the back windows and then I was ready to get down. Looking forward to stairs.


They have now finished the interior walls and the attic floor. 

THURSDAY - Got busy and didn't take any pictures


I thought that it was interesting to see how they got all their supplies up to the third level, using this ladder with a pulley. By the end of the week they were prepping for the third level. I can't get a good shot of it since I do not have a drone. 


On Saturday, my uncle came back, now that the bulkhead hole was filled and finished off the cement work on the bulkhead. 

Stay tuned and check out more from previous weeks below:

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