Thursday, December 8, 2016

House Renovation Week 24 & 25: Prep and Primer

We have been so busy over the last 2 weeks that I did not get a chance to write a blog post until now. On top of Thanksgiving and starting my Christmas shopping, the house was ready to be painted. To save money we decided to paint the house ourselves.

Week 24

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday - purchased the painting supplies and the contractors finished up the trim on the second floor. Aaron and my Dad also went over at night to filled nail holes and tape. (My Mom's oven broke during this time as well, so that was interesting.)

Thursday - We ate Turkey! Yum!

Friday - We had a team of six sanding all the putty for the whole day. At night we went to Best Buy with my parents, we bought an oven and a fridge and they also bought an oven.

Saturday - Primer started to go on everything.

Sunday - A whole day of primer with a team of four.

Week 25

Monday - Took a break.

Tuesday  - My Mom and I did some more primer painting while both the kids were in school. Then at night Aaron and I worked on sanding kitchen doors in my parents basement.

For those of you who grew up in the 80s you might like this, my parents have a fraggle hole in their basement.

Wednesday - Aaron took the day off, our daughter had a concert at school in the morning and then it was more priming for the rest of the day.

Thursday - Worked on non-house related things.

Friday - Aaron took this day off as well, primed all day.

Saturday - Finally finished priming the second floor. Finish ceiling paint started to go on. Also had the girls come to the house and paint samples of colors on their walls.

Sunday - More ceiling paint.

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