Sunday, August 14, 2016

House Renovation Week 9: We Have Stairs

This week saw the installation of the stairs from the 1st floor to the 2nd floor. This week was a tough one for weather, two days there were heat advisories with temperatures in the high 90s and then one day we had torrential rain all day. Amazingly the guys still got work done in our house.


On Monday, they worked on finishing up the trim on the roof.

TUESDAY - Got busy and forgot to take pictures

WEDNESDAY - Torrential rain stayed indoors


The roofing supplies were delivered, but due to the heat advisory the roofers could not install the roof. They were not able to work on Friday either, it was so oppressively hot.

They were able to build the staircase to the second floor, this was great because we got to show our daughter her room. They also framed the window for the front of the house. This window is actually three windows built together.


This was another incredibly hot day. This day saw the beginning of staircase to the attic. 

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