Sunday, August 21, 2016

House Renovation Week 10: More Stairs, Roofing and More Framing

This week saw more stairs installed, the roofing went on and even more framing. It was pretty exciting to be able to walk up to our new third floor/attic space. 


On Monday, they continued to work on the stairs to the third level.


Tuesday saw the completion of the stairs to the third floor. It was exciting to see how much storage space that we were going to have in the new house. Tuesday night around 6 pm we saw someone throwing wood off the side of the house and then realized it was the roofer installing the water barrier.


Wednesday saw the completion of the roof, which should help with getting less water in the house. Inside the framing for the attic walls were completed.


The plywood wall for extra structural support was installed next to the stairs on Thursday. This was originally going to be open somewhat but the contractor felt that we needed the extra structural support. I'm all for the house being sound structurally. They also installed the plywood for the sub-floor on the 2nd floor.


On Friday, they took out the wall between what was the girls room and that was there toy room. This space in the future will be our new office/guest room.

During this week we also started research into the bathroom fixtures.

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