Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Wise Palace Drink Coasters and Ice Ball Mold Review

This week I got to try out Wise Palace's drink coasters and ice ball mold.  I love trying out fun products like these, especially when my kids can test them out with me. 

The coasters are dishwasher safe and great for kids because they are flexible and will not break. The ice ball mold came at a great time for us. This weekend my Mom is throwing a bridal shower for my future sister-in-law. We decided to create decorative ice balls with flowers to keep the wine chilled.

The coasters also came with a convenient holder made out of the same material as the coaster, so you could put that through the dishwasher as well.

The ice mold was fun to try. We got some flowers from my Mom's garden and then closed the mold, poured in the water and waited.

Above is our 1st attempt. It is actually much prettier than the picture above. We thought that maybe the flowers were a little small so we tried again with bigger flowers.

One of the flowers was too big so it didn't work but the others came out great. #wisepalace

I would absolutely recommend this product to someone looking to up there entertaining decor. If you are interested in purchasing these coasters and ice ball mold, I have attached a link below, I do receive a small referral fee from any purchases made through this link, this does not affect my reviews.

Disclaimer - I received this product for free in exchange for a honest review.

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