Monday, June 20, 2016

House Renovation Week 1: Demo Has Started, No Turning Back Now!

It took us about a month of moving out and moving in to my parents house, a street over. We also filled up two storage units to the brim and used a friend of the family's basement. The house is now empty and the demo has begun. There is NO TURNING BACK NOW!

Last Wednesday was the 1st day of demo. Here are some photos of our empty house prior to the demo to give you some perspective on what you are seeing.

Living Room/Dining Room/Kitchen


Our Kids Room

Toy Room

Our Bedroom


Hall and Front Hall

Kitchen/Living Room/Dining Room

Front of the house (before tree was taken down)

 Outdoor Curtains

Back Deck


On Wednesday they started prepping for the major demo, such as the chimneys coming down and the roof to come off.

They took down the front part of the fence and the wooden stairs.


The deck in the back is now gone.

They started to uncover the chimney that we closed up a few years ago, when we created the office and toy room.

They removed the vanity from the bathroom.

They also completely gutted the front hall.


The temporary electrical pole was constructed.

They stripped the wall in our living room to expose the front chimney for easier access.

The walls between the office and toy room were completely removed. Now it looks like where we started a few years ago. Check out what it looked like before we did that renovation, Renovation 2014.


A hole was cut in the back of the house, so that the rear chimney could be removed easier.

The ceiling in our dining room has been removed, that is where the new stairs will go.

It has been a very exciting week, tune in next week for even more demo!!!

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