Thursday, June 30, 2016

House Renovation Week 2: Raise the Roof

Sorry for the delay on this one, we went away last weekend to a wedding out of state and I'm just now catching up. 

Week 2 brought more demolition and removal of the roof.


 They moved the trucks in for the big demo and built a box around the gas meter so they don't damage it.

 They made a hole in the back to take out the large chimney in the back and removed the windows in the front hall.


 Chimney up, chimney down!

 Front hall there, front hall gone!

 There go the stairs.

 The front chimney is almost gone.

Our front door is in our house and there is a hole in my office.


 On Wednesday, they took down the back half of the roof off.


At the end of the week we were away at a wedding, you'll see more of that when I post Walter's next adventure. When we got back it looked like this.

If you missed it check out last weeks Week 1 post.

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