Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wall Removal: Not a DIY Project

Before baby #2 came along we decided that we wanted to take down the wall between our living room and kitchen. This way I would have good lines of sight to see our kids and the house would get better cross ventilation. We usually take on our home projects ourselves, but with me being 7 months pregnant and this project effecting the structural stability of our house, we decided to hire a contractor. One of my parents friends happen to be a contractor so we did not have to look far and he does amazing work, quickly.

The whole project took them a total of 1 week from start to finish. We did have to have our heating guys come and move some heating ducts and our electricians had to move some wires that were in the wall. We do usually like to do projects ourselves but this was money well spent. I think that anyone thinking about removing a load bearing wall, should spend the money and hire professionals. We also plan on putting a second floor on our house so we really needed this to be done correctly.

I am so excited to share these great before and after pictures. Now that we have the wall down, its hard to remember it being there at all. This renovation completely changed the feel of our house for the better.

And if anyone is interested in hiring any of the professionals that did this work for us here's their contact info:

Contractor: Service Painting Co.
                   George McKie
                   Lynn, MA

Electrician: TJ Scala,
                  Marblehead, MA

Heating Professionals:  Service Department South
                                   Peabody, MA

Here are some images of the work in progress including the new beam they put in the ceiling.

Living Room



This renovation has made living in our home with two kids so much easier, everyone has room to breath now.

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