Monday, July 21, 2014

Princess of Rock Costume

So in our town on 4th of July they hold a Horribles Parade. This is a children's parade, they dress up in either Original, Historical or Current Events costumes and walk or ride in a short parade. There are judges and all the kids get a goodie bag at the end of the parade.

Some of you may remember seeing my post last year when my daughter was Cinderella, if you check it out here: Cinderella Costume with Coach. This year my daughter went as the Princess of Rock.

This was a really fun costume to put together and relatively cheap and easy as well. I started out by cutting up a box to use as the signs on either side of her wagon. Then I took a empty copy paper box and fitted it to the wagon to use as stages for her band mates (stuffed animals). Next I spray painted the cardboard black and used a stencil I had made to spray paint the Princess of Rock in gold. Then I added glitter to give it a final touch.

Once all that was dry, I outfitted her band mates with items from her dress up clothes. Next came the tricky part, attaching everything to the wagon. I ended up with a complex system of wire, dowels and duct tape to hold the whole thing up. Basically I (with help from my Mom) attached dowels through the cardboard boxes to the stuffed animals with wire and covered the wire with duct tape to make it more secure. We also attached the dowels to the wagon with duct tape, none of this you should be able to see when finished.

For my daughters outfit and drum, I used items that she had in her dress up clothes and an old drum and cymbal that my Dad had from back in the day when he led an all girl/boy scout marching band. My daughter was really excited about this costume.

On the day of the parade my husband outfitted her float with a speaker that played rock music. And I have to say Walter was perfect as the lead singer, the microphone was from my daughters keyboard. This costume could easily be adapted for a boy making it the Prince of Rock.

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