Monday, January 20, 2014

Inexpesive Kid's Closet Curtain

When I designed the closet in my daughter's new playroom I knew that traditional closet doors were going to take up too much space in the small room. I then looked around on Pinterest for some inspiration and found many designs that used curtains to hide the stuff in the closet. I knew that this was going to be the solution for me.


I decided to go with my Mom and daughter to Zimman's Fabric Store in Lynn, MA. Zimman's is like the holy grail of upholstery/design fabric in the Boston area, they have a great remnants section in the basement of their store were you can find all kinds of fun and unique pieces. I found a great piece of fabric with a zoo animal pattern that would work great for her playroom. I got the whole piece of fabric for $13, a real steal.

To create this curtain you'll need is:
-Sewing Machine
-Curtain Rod and Hardware
-Curtain Hook

Other than the fabric I had everything except for the curtain hook ($7). The whole project took me about 3 hours and $20 to complete.


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