Monday, January 6, 2014

Finished House Renovation: Reveal Part 1

In late June 2013 we started in on a major house renovation changing our 3 season porch into two rooms, playroom and office/studio. We got our permit and started the demo. Over the summer a majority of the work was completed, demo, windows, framing, etc... In September I posted an update which you can check out here. House Renovation: Almost There, this had all the before photos and middle of the reno photos.

We ended up finishing this renovation in the beginning of November. Since I became pregnant early on during this renovation I was not able to participate as much as I usually do during our renos. I have to thank my husband for spending most of his weekends over those 5 months, waking up early, working all day on the reno and then working all week at his regular job. I also have to thank my dad and mom for helping out with the renovation so that we could get this done before the holidays started.

Today, I will reveal my daughters playroom and on Wednesday I will reveal my bedroom/office/studio.

Here we go.



My daughter is really enjoying this space and we are really enjoying having all the toys out of our living room.

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