Wednesday, January 11, 2017

House Renovation Weeks 29 & 30: Paint and Tile

So much painting! These past two weeks saw hours upon hours of painting, sanding, etc... We also saw the tile start to be installed, very close to three of the rooms being complete. Here is what happened over the past two weeks.

Week 29:


Tile guys were there and did some prep work to start laying tile.


First tile down in the girls bathroom.


One girl's room finished, more tile in the girl's bathroom and tile started in master bathroom.


More tile in the upstairs bathrooms and the other girl's room finished.


More tile in girl's bathroom and downstairs bathroom started.

We also spend a lot of time during this week priming, painting ceilings and trim.

Week 30


The plaster guys came back and finished what they had to do, attic ceiling and basement stairs. More tile was laid in the master and girl's bathrooms.

We spent many hours this week painting trim.

Stay tuned and check out previous weeks here:

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