Monday, October 13, 2014

DIY Elsa Costume

Here it is the long awaited debut of the DIY Elsa costume. My daughter completely adores Elsa and would not think of being anything else for Halloween. This project took me about about 8 hours to complete over the course of 3 or 4 weeks. It seemed like I could never quite find any large chunks of time to sit down and work on it. The majority of the time spent on this costume was spent creating the wig. The actual dress took be about 3 hours to complete, this includes trying it on my daughter to adjust how it was fitting. This whole project cost me a total of $26, the cost of the fabric since I had everything else.

So, without further ado here is the Elsa costume. And if you want to see other costumes that I and my grandmother have created check out the DIY Olaf, Cinderella and Coach, Minnie Mouse and Princess of Rock.

Here is what you need to complete this costume:

I started by measuring my daughter to figure out how much fabric I needed. Then I cut the fabric and cut all the hair for the wig. 

Then, I sewed on the sparkly fabric to the shirt to create the bodice.

I made sure to sew the material around the seams so that it would allow the bodice to stretch with the shirt.

Next, I took an old tiara that my daughter had that was silver and purple and added nail polish to make it resemble Elsa's tiara more.

Then it was time to create the skirt. I had to ask my grandmother for help on this one because I have never sewed clothing before on my own. I hemmed the sides and top, creating a pocket big enough for a 1/2" elastic band to fit through.

Next, we measured my daughters waist again with the elastic and cut it about an inch shorter. Then, we attached a safety pin to one end and ran the elastic through the hem. To close the elastic band we overlapped the two ends and used the safety pin to secure them together. I also sewed them together by hand to make it more secure. The last step for the skirt was to sew the back seam by hand about half way down. This connected the skirt but also make it so it would not be hard for her to walk.

The wig was a little bit of a pain to make. I did find a great tutorial by The Project Corner. This tutorial shows you how to create the cap from a pair of old tights and how to cut the hair. To sew the hair on to the cap, I took it in sections and sewed them on into a part. Then in the back I sewed 3 sections doubled up to the end of the part. I tried the wig on my daughter as I went to see how it was looking. After I had all the hair on, I placed it on a hat, trimmed it to the correct length and braided the hair.

I think the whole thing turned out pretty cute. I know my daughter is happy with it and that is all that matters.

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