Monday, October 27, 2014

Design Dye Review

About a year ago I won a fun fabric dye kit called Design Dye. Recently, I tested it out on one of my daughter's plain white onesies.

The kit has everything you need to create endless fabric design projects with little to no mess. All you do is cut out the design that you want on the fabric and iron it directly onto the fabric.

I like the concept of this product, but in actuality you need to have a little practice working with the dye and perfecting it before you start on your actual project. I had some trouble getting the right amount of color to appear and the edges of the design were a little blurry.

I think with a little more practice it would have come out better. I do like the idea that you can keep the design and use it again later, not sure how well it would come out after a few uses though. If anyone is interested in trying it for themselves here is a link to amazon.

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