Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Kid Game: Supermarket Sweep

Here is a fun game that my Mom came up with while I was on bed rest for my 3 year old to play. This game is loosely based on the 90s TV show Supermarket Sweep. It is a great game for days when your stuck inside with the kids, heat waves, rainy days.

To play this you need a coffee table or other low table, play food, kids shopping cart or basket. 

  1. Set up food on table, spread out and mixed up.
  2. Have the child wait with the shopping cart a few feet away.
  3. Name 3 to 5 items that they have to find and put in their cart (you can up the number of items if your child is finding it too easy)
  4. You can choose to give them a certain amount of time or just tell them to do it as fast as they can. The latter works well with the younger group.
  5. You say "Go" and your child races around gathering up the food, for younger kids sometimes you might have to remind them of what they need to get.
  6. When they have collected all the items they race back to starting place. If you are timing this is when you would stop the timer.
If you have multiple kids they can take turns and see who can do this the fastest. My 3 year old has a blast playing this she will do it for hours. 

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