Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Organization: Bath Toy Storage

I have hated the lack of bath toy organization in our bathroom for a long time now. It always looks like a hot mess. I searched Pinterest for a reasonably cheap solution to this problem and came across what you see above, a shower rod with wire baskets. Let me show you my bathroom storage before so you get an idea of where I was coming from.

Quite a sad place. 


This pin did not have a working link, so I do not have an original website for you guys.


-Wire Baskets - Organized Living Simple Basket, White $8 each
I bought this stuff on amazon, I've attached the link for anyone who is interested. All of these items were available for free super saver shipping.


All in all this was one of the easiest transformations that I have ever under took, taking a total of two minutes to put up. I love that the bath tub now looks and is more organized. The whole project cost me $35, which is more than I would usually spend, I'm sure if you shopped around you could find the items for cheaper.

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