Monday, February 17, 2014

DIY Dream Bank

One day when I was perusing Pinterest I came across this fun way to save money for a specific goal, it also beats keeping my change is a glass jar. The idea is you create a bank from a memory frame, shadow box or keepsake frame. The one I saw on Pinterest was available to buy from and cost $25. I decided to make one of my own from a memory frame from Ikea and a X-acto knife for $10.


Original Website:


-X-acto Knife
-Shadow box, Memory or Keepsake frame
Here is one from Amazon that is even cheaper than the one that I used.
 $9.07 each

The easiest way to create one of these banks is by using the x-acto knife to cut a slot back of the frame to insert the money. This took me about an hour because the backing to the frame that I had was relatively thick. But, after I created the slot the bank was pretty much completed. I made one for to save for a trip to Disney World for the family and a Second Floor Addition to our house.


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