Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Old Cabinet into Sports Fan Bar


My brother recently moved into a new place and I wanted to give him a house warming gift. When he was looking around our attic and I mentioned that I could probably make this old painted cabinet into a bar for him. He liked the idea and so I started sketching out my ideas.

I also turned to pinterest for ideas. Here is some of my inspiration:

         Bar from TV Stand                                                            Bar from Music Cabinet

So I decided to take out the drawers, remove the door and take the top off. My Dad helped with the construction of the top of the bar, where the ice buckets sit. My brother is a big Red Sox/NE Patriots fan so I added vinyl decals to the inside of the top.


The ice buckets are removable for cleaning and I also added wine glass holders underneath for more storage. I do not have the cost for this one because this was a gift for my brother so I was not paying as much attention to that. But, my best estimate would be somewhere around $75. For this project I bought paint, hinges, two buckets for ice (not made for ice but fit, bought at the container store) and wine glass holders.

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