Monday, January 12, 2015

Easy Velcro Bathroom Organization

I'm always looking for ways to organize my small house so that it feels more spacious and tidy. Since I had bought some Velcro for my TV remote project (Velcro Remote Storage) I thought I would try to use more of it to organize my bathroom sink. Our sink is rather small with not much space for stuff. Here is a picture of before I organized.

Pretty cluttered and not that easy to clean. Now her is what it looks like after I organized.

I gained a decent amount of counter space and it is much easier to clean. So, her is what I did.

I took the cords from our electric toothbrushes and used elastic bands, so they would take up less space. I also used Velcro to stick the cords to the tile so that they would not clutter the counter.

Lastly, I found this dishwasher safe plastic cup for a $1 at Target, Frozen themed of course, to hold all my daughter's tooth brushing stuff. I used Velcro to attach it to the tile wall to free up counter space.

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