Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween: Minnie Mouse Costume

My daughter really loves the Mickey Mouse Club House and she can't get enough of Minnie Mouse. So, my grandmother and I decided to make her a Minnie Mouse costume. Most of the work was done by my grandmother, I struggle with sewing and she is really good at it. 


I had to order the fabric from because we could not find it in stores. This fabric came all the way from China, it took about two weeks to arrive after ordering. My grandmother sewed the dress from a pattern that she found and sewed a petticoat for under the skirt. We already had the ears and just taped on the bow. I bought her a long-sleeve black shirt and black leggings. I made the shoe covers from pieces of felt and added an elastic to keep it on her shoes. I made gloves that went with this costume as well, but she found them a little annoying so they were nixed.

Over all this was a little bit more expensive than I thought, mostly because of the shipping from China for the fabric. But, it is well made and we'll have it for dress up clothes for a while.

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