Friday, May 10, 2013

DIY Fondant

I decided to create the Flower Pot cake that has been floating around Pinterest for a while. It calls for fondant and when I went to the store to get the pre-made fondant all of the packages said they were made in factories with tree nuts. My daughter and Mom are allergic to nuts so I decided to find a recipe on Pinterest on how to make your own fondant from scratch.

Here is the recipe that I found:
Homemade Fondant by My Crazy Blessed Life

This recipe uses mini marshmallows and powdered sugar. So very inexpensive and easy to do. Head over to My Crazy Blessed Life for the full recipe.

I melted the marshmallows in the microwave and mixed in the sugar. This took a little bit of effort because it takes awhile to have the marshmallows stop sticking to the spoon.

Once I got the all the marshmallows to stop sticking to the spoon I got a cutting board and sprinkled some of the leftover sugar on it and kneaded in the food coloring. I did not have gel food coloring like the recipe asked for so I used liquid food coloring that I had on hand. I decided to use yellow and red to make an orange (the closest thing to the color of a flower pot). I used gloves while doing this so that I did not dye my hands at the same time, my daughter was helping me up to this time, food coloring and toddlers don't mix.

Here is the finished product not bad. We'll see how it works out with the cake. The flower pot cake will be my next post.

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